Shipping and Shipping Policy


  • On a separate piece of paper please include your address for return shipping (shipping address on the outside of package can be smeared or unreadable), include your email address and/or a contact phone number, with best time to call, so we can contact you with any questions or recommended parts replacements. Add the form to the box reels are shipped in.
  • Before you ship your reel to us to be worked on we ask that you remove all line from the spool. If you do not remove the line, a $2.00 charge will be applied for removal.
  • On a separate sheet of paper, please write down as specific as possible any symptoms your reel is having, when the symptoms happens (casting or winding) and any noises the reel is making.
  • If you want to have bearings replaced or any super tuning processes done please indicate this.
  • Shoot us an email at or give us a call (318)560-9827 before you send send your reels so we can be watching for them and provide the best care and turnaround time.
  • Our address: Cork’s Reel Service 5422 Amber Circle, Benton, La, 71006


  • Return shipping of reels, can be U.S. Postal Mail, UPS, or Fedex at our discretion.
  • Be sure to include your return shipping address inside the box before you seal it, this makes sure we have your return address clearly available.
  • Our estimated “in-shop” turn around time is 5 to 10 working days depending on work bench availability. If parts are needed that are not in stock please add and additional 7 to 10 days for ordering and delivery of the parts.
  • We can not guaranty the actual arrival of your reels, however we will provide you a tracking number once reels are returned, so you can track your package.
  • In the event you have not received a package you are expecting please contact us at after you have visited

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