Baitcaster Super Tuning

Super Tuning is a process that polishes the friction points of the reel’s spool and centrifugal brake system.

The spool shaft has three main friction points. Both spool shaft ends and a small section of the spool shaft that runs through the reels pinion gear. The Super Tuning process takes these three friction points and polishes them to a mirror-like finish, removing all corrosion, divots, and scratches that rob the reel of performance.

When all the spool shaft friction points are polished, the spool can be controlled much easier. If the spool ends are rough or the pinion gear is scratched or dirty, the spool will spin inconsistently. While the spool is playing out line during a cast, the inconsistencies in the rotation of the spool create minor speed changes. These changes will cause the line to become loose, tighten back up and loose again. Obviously this speed fluctuation is happening so fast that you don’t realize it. Over time, as the speed changes get worse, the angler will notice the line on the spool is not as tight as it should be. This loose line creates frequent backlashes and casting distance diminishes. Anglers pitching baits on a reel with damaged friction points will need to make one of those so-called “Clearing Casts” more frequently.

Super Tuning alone will not allow the reel to free spin longer. The first thing most fishermen do when they grab a reel is see how long the spool will spin. Although a good test of the bearing system of a reel, this is not the goal of Super Tuning. However, in some cases (depending on how damaged these friction points are) Super Tuning will improve the spin time of a spool. The main goal of Super Tuning is to allow your reel to spin smooth and consistent.

Another area addressed with the Super Tuning process is the centrifugal brake system. If the brake housing is rough or corroded, the brake collars bounce up and down when they hit the rough spots, scratches, or corrosion around the brake housing. This will cause your reel to speed up and slow down during a cast. The inconsistent pressure of the extended tabs rotating in the housing causes the line to loosen on the spool during the cast. As the brake collars hit these rough spots, they decrease casting distance. It is important to note, Super Tuning does not improve magnetic brake systems performance since brake tabs are not used in this type system.

Blemished spool shaft friction points and/or the centrifugal brake system can cause casting inefficiencies. By Super Tuning a reel, some casting distance improvements can be expected; however, most of all, there will be an improvement in casting performance with fewer overruns. Without these minor spool fluctuations, your line will maintain a tighter wrap on the spool, in-turn giving you a more controlled cast or pitch.

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Mike Cork